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About Grand Canyon Veterinary Hospital

Meet Dr. Kristine Shaw, DVM

Dr. Shaw’s dream job began with a little white kitten that her family had growing up. The kitten was suffering from ear mites and had to be taken in to see the local veterinarian. The vet came and got Dr. Shaw and took her into the back of the hospital and let her look into the microscope to see the ear mites. Those moments changed Kristine’s life forever. She concluded that this had to be the greatest job in the world. She still feels the same.

Dr. Shaw and her family have worked diligently on getting this new clinic open for almost a year. On June 30, 2018, the Grand Canyon Veterinary Hospital celebrated their grand opening at 23 Water Street in Wellsboro, PA.

Learn More About Dr. Shaw

Dr. Kristine Shaw’s academic journey began in 1994 when she studied for her Bachelor of Science in Biology degree and Chemistry Minor at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania. During her studies, she started working with the US Geological Survey on research involving Atlantic Salmon. She learned how to draw blood from fish as part of research aimed at a nonlethal mark and recapture techniques. She went on to pursue a Master of Science Degree In Wildlife and Fisheries Science at The Pennsylvania State University working with population genetics of endangered species. Her favorite project took her to Mexico and involved whale sharks.

Dr. Shaw’s lifelong dream of becoming a veterinarian was finally realized when she was awarded her degree in veterinary medicine and surgery in 2013 from Murdoch University of Western Australia. She has been practicing in Pennsylvania since graduation and has the pleasure of working with dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, pocket pets, potbelly pigs, and an occasional goat or sheep. She enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children in the great outdoors of Pennsylvania.